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Translations into German
Account rendering is based on the number of standard lines* of the German target text. The price per standard line depends on the content-related degree of difficulty.
For your reference: From experience, 400 Japanese characters/syllabuses (= one Japanese "standard page") amount to about 22 to 24 German standard lines. Generally, translations from English into German are 1.2 times longer than the source text.

Translations into Japanese/English
The number of standard lines* of the German source text is applicable. Again, the price per standard line depends on the degree of difficulty of the text.

In some cases, inscriptions within figures are to be translated, special formatting applied or other technical requirements fulfilled. These additional efforts will be charged separately.
For very small translations, a minimum flat fee will be charged.

For an individual offer or a detailed cost estimate, you can send me the text to be translated, preferably as a TEXT or PDF file, but, of course, also by fax.

* One standard line comprises 55 letters including blanks.